Founded in Exmouth, Devon; we are an eco-friendly lifestyle brand, focused on health and wellness. 

Health, fitness and sports performance are our passions; with our key mission being to provide high quality products to enhance experiences of our customers. We understand that the idea of health and wellness differ to every individual; that’s why our long-term vision is to provide a range of high quality products, and stand out as a brand that will make a lasting difference.

Inspired while travelling to Bali and Vietnam, we saw first hand the damage being done to our environment through waste and single-use plastic. It was heart breaking to see beautiful beaches (some we considered paradise), covered in litter. This made us more conscious to try and make a difference.

Ensuring all our products (and packaging) are environmentally and eco-friendly, is the number one priority for us.  


Ryan Parry 



Define Wellness
Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is destroying the planet, we want to do what we can to help improve the situation.

Convey Health & Wellness

We live and breath Health & Wellness, we want to share that passion with you through Define Wellness.

Provide Quality Products

Through providing quality, re-usable products, together we can reduce plastic waste.

Increase Awareness

More needs to be done to raise awareness of the problems we are facing in dealing with the plastic issue.

About Us

Our passion is everything health, fitness and sports performance. Our mission is to provide high quality products to enhance our customer’s experience,